Education for Happiness

Education is perhaps the main vocation of Instituto Caminho do Meio – in fact, it is possible to state that all of the Institute's actions are educational.

When we talk about 'education', we understand that it is a concept that includes not only cognition but also the body, emotions, and mental landscapes, which are finally and more deeply anchored in freedom.

It is our fundamental believe that it is the connection with one's own freedom and autonomy that allow one to establish positive relationships with oneself, others, society, the environment, and thus produce happiness in a full and lasting way.

The pedagogical vision of the actions of the ICM is based on what is called the “five wisdoms” or “five intelligences” from the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism:

Mirror-Like Wisdom

The perception that the reality we see as external mirrors our internal world; and the ability to embrace others from the perspective of their own inner world.

Wisdom of Equality

The recognition that living beings are inseparable from one another, and thus, share the same basis and the resulting ability to rejoice in the happiness of others and to practice generosity.

Investigative Wisdom

An interest in learning how worldviews and experiences are built; Similar to the conventional sense of 'wisdom'.

Wisdom of Causality

The understanding of how things originate from one another in order to identify the consequences of actions and the interdependence between the various causes and conditions – and thus be able to act appropriately in each situation.

Wisdom of Transcendence

The recognition of our natural freedom which, like the sky, is beyond all internal contents and dispositions.

Based on this vision, the Institute seeks to promote an education for happiness and freedom, on three fronts:

Formal Education

ICM maintains two non-profit educational institutions that translate the Buddhist tradition in a non-religious way to teach children and adolescents:

Middle Way School

The Middle Way School exists since 2008 inside the Village CEBB Middle Way Its pedagogical approach incorporates values such as comprehensiveness, creativity, sustainability and respect for playing and the child's universe.

The School also works with the construction of significant knowledge, through projects, which are integrated with the emotional dimension and various concrete skills.

It currently receives around 100 students in Kindergarten and Elementary School. Learn more at

Vila Verde School

The Vila Verde Schoolsince 2014 is located in the middle of the Cerrado, close to the city of Alto Paraíso (GO), at the CEBB Alto Paraíso Village.

Based on a vision of sustainability, appreciation of the internal world and human values, the school is part of the network of Escolas Transformadoras, a worldwide program maintained by Instituto Ashoka and Instituto Alana that selects and supports innovative projects in education and social responsibility.

Its educational proposal is the pedagogy of projects, applied from the early years to the end of Elementary School. More information on its website and follow on Facebook.

Non-Formal Education

Together with the schools, Instituto Caminho do Meio carries out various non-formal educational initiatives within Buddhist villages and other locations.

In the city of Canelinha (SC), the Cavalo de Vento is an activity designed to embrace children and families, which includes Yoga, rhythmic and artistic activities, experiences in nature and appreciative conversations that take place during the afternoon in the Mendjila CEBB Village.

Teacher Training

ICM promotes teacher training courses, seeking to share its pedagogical visions, experiences and results with different school communities.

Recurring themes include: education for the inner world, the five wisdoms, meditation for children and adolescents, playing, project pedagogy, sustainability in education, among others.

Instituto Caminho do Meio's educational initiatives are maintained mainly through donations from people throughout Brazil. If you see benefits in the actions and activities we carry out, you can contribute in various ways, such as donating income tax and sponsoring children.