Health, Care and Well Being

The Buddhist concept of precious human life recognizes the rarity of each existence and the importance of care for well being. Thus, we believe that people, and not institutions, should have the leading role in their own health.

Our society shows a scenario of collective and individual illness that originates from different circumstances. Working with these causes involves a broad look not only at the forms of social organization, but also at people's inner world, which are fundamental aspects for the manifestation of health or disease.

Thus, Instituto Caminho do Meio develops several practices for promotion of health, based on an integral and regenerative vision (which includes mind, energy, body and also the collective dimensions), stimulating a perspective of living well and well-being.

The activities have doctors and therapists linked to different traditions and techniques: traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, yoga, massages of various types, etc. These professionals act in specific actions or as transversal support in the actions of the Buddhist centers and the ICM.

Formative Actions

In Timbaúba (PE), Ação Darmata held, in 2011, training in comprehensive health and medicinal plants for 40 workers in the city. More than “teaching”, the project aimed to recover local knowledge involving medicinal herbs and community medicine, dignifying the participants, helping them to recognize themselves as bearers of precious knowledge. Supported by UNDP and Caixa Econômica Federal, the course generated, in addition to training, a documentary video and a booklet that record this local knowledge.

In Viamão (RS), in 2019, ICM started an acupuncture and moxibustion training program, with a duration of three years. More information here.

Health Dialogue at ICM Canelinha, in 2015. From left to right: Cleo Scherer (osteopathy), Adriana Pissetti (ayurveda), Juca Oliveira (acupuncture) and Lama Padma Samten. Photo by Ze Paiva, Vista Imagens.