Training Experience for Young People

Retaking the online movement that took place in the two editions of CEBBTalks, from June 16th to 19th, we offer a face-to-face experience focused on young people at CEBB Caminho do Meio.

This initiative, carried out by Instituto Caminho do Meio (ICM), is part of a non-school education movement for young people aged 16 to 30 (a college under construction), structured on three levels: at the level of the mind, articulating the perception of how the world is today with a deeper view of the wisdoms and nature of the mind from a Buddhist point of view; in terms of energy, reinforcing the insertion of people in meaningful communities and in life in the middle of the forest, based on the CEBB Village; at the body level, to develop ways of effective action in the world through “living laboratories”: collective action projects that move from the experience of ICM and its network partners.

Young people participating in the Experience in the Temple of CEBB Caminho do Meio.

The experience was attended by 17 young people from various regions of the country. In addition to daily support in the kitchen and maintenance activities, they also participated in several laboratories. Among the living laboratories, on the first day they had contact with the Agroforestry System; on the second day with Escola Caminho do Meio; and on the third day at the Filhos do Sepé Settlement. During the activities, young people were able to get in touch with different ways of cultivating the land and community organization.

Study laboratories aimed at the contemplation of vision were also offered. At that moment, several texts were presented so that the participants could discuss the different systems of organization and action in the world, in addition to understanding the operation by mandalas.

One of the great moments of the experience was a lecture offered by Lama Padma Samten to the young people, in which it was possible, in addition to listening to the teachings, asking questions and talking openly with the Lama.

Non-curricular moments were also offered through conversations around the fire, in which it was possible to share experiences and ideas, an important moment for group connection

Thus, by cultivating the broad vision and nurturing all participants with meaningful relationships and good living, acting in a way that stimulates the right pressure points to transform the world's systems, it is possible to say that the activity helped the young people to re-enchant the vision about how it is possible, even in the face of systemic crises in society, to live a meaningful life.

Illustration made by a participant.

“Things look solid, but they are not solid, they spring solid along with our mind. Our mind is free, it can build other things. When we see environmental destruction and have difficulties imagining a favorable future, it is simply the mental categories that are appearing, because I can luminously construct other realities. These worlds we are living in now are the mental creations of previous generations. So we have the ability, in this generation, to look at it in a different way and build a world in a totally different way. We are in this very accelerated process of redefining the entire world".” .

– Lama Padma Samten
Lecture for the experience of young people on June 17